Enviva Port of Wilmington NC // August 2015

MJW has recently been awarded a fire protection project at the new Enviva Port of Wilmington, NC wood pellet export facility. The project consists of designing, installing and commissioning numerous sprinkler, standpipe and deluge systems as well as multiple ultra-high speed spark systems and the plant-wide fire alarm system for protection of the entire facility. This project is the continuation of a successful relationship between Enviva and MJW that began with their Chesapeake, VA pellet export facility in 2012. 


The Wilmington terminal is scheduled to begin operations in early 2016.

GP Cellulose Brunswick - Chip Thickness Screen and Motor Control Center Building // July 2015

MJW Consolidated recently completed a $3.5 million job at GP Cellulose at the Chip Thickness Screen (CTS) and Motor Control Center (MCC) buildings. The job consisted of constructing a six-story structural steel CTS building and a one-story MCC building. 

Work at the CTS building included: 

    • Site clearing
    • Installation of 136 55-foot long precast concrete piles
    • Formation, placement and finishing of 810 cubic yards of concrete foundations and slabs
    • Installation of 85 tons of reinforcing steel
    • Pumping and placing 500 cubic yards of concrete on all eight levels of metal decks
    • Fabrication and erection of 600 tons of structural steel and the installation of an architectural metal roof  

The MCC building construction included a concrete pile supported slab and concrete masonry unit structure adjacent to the CTS building.  The MCC will house all of the electrical equipment that supports the function of the equipment that will be set in the CTS building.


More than 20,000 man-hours were used to complete this project, working six days a week, 10 hours a day for over 30 weeks without any loss time safety incidents. 

The success of this project was a result of Johnny Beecher’s supervision, along with Wade Douglas’ oversight of all the precast piling and Curtis Dyal’s management of the structural steel erection.