Port Canaveral Pile Fabrication // July 2014

The fabrication division of MJW Consolidated is fabricating a total of 151 piles for the new cruise ship berth at Port Canaveral FL. The project is being executed in cooperation with Pop's Painting,  MJW's special coatings partner.  Each 95 foot long pile weighing 45,700 pounds is fabricated by welding together two 60” diameter, 3/4” wall spiral wound pipes that are spun using the custom fitted rotators that assist the welders in applying the high strength weld seam.  Each pile is also fitted with two 75 foot long sheet-pile connector bars that are seal welded to its sides.   

At job completion, our crew will have handled 6.9 million pounds of steel and applied 69,000 feet of welds- approximately 50 times the height of the Empire State Building. 


MJW Consolidated successfully completed a very difficult emergency repair project at our client’s facility in North Florida. The project consisted of removal and installation of the worn bearing and ring gear on a large bark reclaimer. The 8 foot in diameter 32 inch thick bearing and gear that weighed over 5000 lbs had to be removed using only hand tools and lifting the unit with chainfalls secured off the surrounding structure. We were unable to use a crane or any other heavy lifting equipment due to the location of this bearing deep into the debarker structure. All lifts were considered critical and were accompanied by complex calculations assuring that nothing was damaged in the process. The replacement bearing was installed using the exact same method.  Included in the installation of the new gear was the alignment of the drive motor to ensure proper backlash, to eliminate wear and to minimize process vibration. This project used a blended craft crew of millwrights and iron workers who worked 14-hour days and completed the entire complex project in days rather than weeks.

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