NASA Headquarters Building, Kennedy Space Center Florida // November 2014

Hensel Phelps of Orlando FL has awarded MJW the fire protection scope of work for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Central Campus Replacement Headquarters Building. This project adds to the list of MJW’s high profile projects at the Kennedy Space Center, beginning with the construction of the RLV hangar at the Space Shuttle landing strip in 1999.  Subsequent projects include the O&C Building and Crawler Transporters along with current projects at the OPFs and mobile launch platforms.

Hensel Phelps News Blog states:

“The new building will be the centerpiece of Kennedy Space Center’s Central Campus. The initiative is to replace the aging industrial area facilities with more energy-efficient structures occupying a smaller footprint. The new building will replace the center’s existing headquarters, which is a nearly 50-year-old building that will eventually be razed.

The project includes construction of an eight-story, 200,000 SF building with the first floor housing a cafeteria with an indoor/outdoor seating area, a credit union, barber shop, post office, large lobby with displays, gift shop, library and other services. Floors two through seven will include offices, conference rooms and break areas, topped off by an eighth floor housing mechanical support systems.

NASA is committed to sustainable design practices and lessening their operational footprint, and therefore will strive to have the new headquarters building achieve LEED Platinum certification under USGBC standards” 

HyperSpike Mass Notification System // October 2014

MJW Consolidated’s Fire Alarm division has successfully installed our first Hyperspike Mass Notification System at Georgia Power Plant Hammond in Rome, Ga.  HyperSpike's high-power speaker arrays are the most powerful speakers for their size on the market. The MA-1 speaker weighing only 48 lbs. relays clear voice instructions across a 7 square mile area. These sophisticated speaker systems can be deployed in a wide array of high noise locations including power plants, chemical plants and similar manufacturing facilities, as well as those locations that require clear tone and/or voice notification capabilities over large areas, like college campuses, ports, and similar. HyperSpike MNS are ideally suited for employee notification, tactical command and control, fire, and natural disaster warnings. We installed 2 of these speaker systems complete with wiring and amplifiers to cover Plant Hammond’s outdoor operations areas.

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