MJW Supports Kennedy Space Center Pump Station Project // September 2018


Helping provide a safe and plentiful water supply to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is one more way that MJW Consolidated is supporting the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) vision for the nation’s growing spaceport.

MJW has been chosen to install the pumps, piping and monitoring equipment for a new pump station that will expand the municipal water supply to KSC, as NASA pursues its master plan for developing a multi-user spaceport with additional commercial opportunities.

The pump station project is on State Route 3 at the southern edge of the 142,000-acre complex on the Florida coast. The project is part of phase five of a comprehensive utilities upgrade that will support development of up to 8,000 acres at KSC. The KSC 2012-2032 Master Plan calls for the vast majority of the complex to remain natural habitat.

MJW began work on its portion of the water pump station project in July, and final cutover to the new station is expected by June 2019. The general contractor for the project is a partnership of Baker Klein of Jacksonville, Fla., and Foresight Construction Group of Gainesville, Fla (insert web link). In addition to installing and connecting the piping and pump equipment, MJW is responsible for installing equipment used for controlling flow and pressure as well as automated chemical monitoring systems. The station connects to the City of Cocoa municipal water system.

MJW has been a trusted provider of construction and fire protection services at KSC for many years. Two prominent projects currently underway are a crest spray sound suppression system for NASA’s new Space Launch System and fire protection systems for the new mobile launch tower.

MJW Installs Fire Protection for Sunoco Butane Injection System // August 2018

Sunoco Phillips 66 Logo

Sunoco LP has contracted with MJW Consolidated to provide fire protection for its proprietary butane injection system being installed at a Phillips 66 facility in Glenpool, Oklahoma.

MJW has worked with Sunoco and Sunoco customers on multiple projects of this type, which involve the design and installation of automatic fire protection systems for a process that adds butane into the gasoline before it is loaded onto tanker trucks. Butane is a standard additive in gasoline, but it dissipates over time and this technology brings it up to target levels before the fuel is transported for commercial sale. In addition to injecting butane, the blending system measures, samples and tests the fuel.

For the Phillips 66-Glenpool project, MJW installed two new fire protection valve houses, deluge valves and water monitors that can deliver an oscillating spray to a butane storage tank. The MJW team also installed heat detectors to automatically activate the system in the event of a fire. The scope includes installation of underground HDPE pipe to connect the new fire protection valve houses to an existing water main.

“By working with Sunoco through several of these installations, MJW has developed specialized expertise in providing best fire detection and fire projection for this technology” said Glenn Painter, MJW Area Manager.