Kinder Morgan Taps MJW for Specialized Saltwater Fire Pump Services // March 2018

MJW Consolidated is assisting Kinder Morgan, one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America, with specialty engineering, procurement and commissioning services for a saltwater vertical turbine fire pump at the Kinder Morgan Products Terminal in Galena Park, Texas.

MJW will supply engineering drawings along with specifications for procurement of the saltwater-grade vertical turbine pump constructed of corrosion-resistant alloys, which will replace an existing pump damaged by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. MJW will also provide commissioning after the equipment has been placed and connected.

The turbine pump will draw water from the Houston Ship Channel, which requires that special engineering consideration be given to water levels and other factors of the maritime environment. MJW has an established relationship with Kinder Morgan for providing this type of specialized engineering expertise and procurement service.


MJW Completes Ball Mill Upgrade for United States Gypsum // February 2018

MJW Consolidated has completed the installation of a new ball mill and associated equipment that will enable United States Gypsum’s Jacksonville, FL, plant to nearly double the capacity of one of its sheet rock lines.

A subsidiary of USG Corporation, United States Gypsum chose MJW to perform the work that included extensive pre-work to remove existing equipment and prepare the existing production area; unpacking and placement of new equipment; and assembly and connection of the new equipment. The major component of the upgrade was a 60,000-pound ball mill that contains 37,000 pounds of steel balls that pulverize raw gypsum to prepare it for the production line.

The scope of work included unloading the equipment components as they arrived on site, removing a wall from the building to stage the components, performing extensive hand rigging and construction of temporary supports to move the pieces into place, installation of cooling system piping, and completing the assembly and tie in of new bag unloading houses, twin screws and ball mill.

The work took place during a three-week outage on the line and required close coordination with the plant operations team prior to the start of the project. MJW crews self-performed all of the elements of the work to stay on schedule and finish the job safety.