MJW Provides Fire Alarm System for Paper Tissue Manufacturing Expansion // November 2017

MJW will apply its extensive experience with designing, installing and maintaining the industrial fire alarm systems in paper and tissue manufacturing environments to a major tissue manufacturing expansion at an East Coast facility.

MJW has performed previous work for this international manufacturer, which is now undertaking a plant expansion. MJW has provided a state-of-the-art fire detection, fire alarm and mass notification system in their existing facility and the new equipment and systems will tie seamlessly into the existing plant network. Phase one, including installation of HVAC duct detection, alarms and shutdown circuits, was performed in late summer of 2017, and the work on the expansion is slated to begin in 2018.

MJW is providing a complete turn-key, design-build services for this expansion project, including professional engineering, detailed design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the fire alarm and mass notification systems. Close coordination with many construction teams involved in this expansion project will be required to meet the schedule and integrate the added tissue manufacturing capacity to the already substantial capacity this facility serves their consumers with throughout the SouthEast.


Safety is a #1 priority and a key performance requirement for this paper tissue manufacturing customer, completely aligning with MJW’s exemplary safety culture and an industry-leading safety record.

Covanta Energy Plant Receiving Extensive MJW Fire Protection Upgrade // October 2017

Drawing on the company’s comprehensive capabilities in fire protection, construction and structural fabrication, MJW is performing an extensive replacement and upgrade of the fire protection system at the Pinellas County Resource Recovery Facility in St. Petersburg, FL.


The facility, owned by Pinellas County and operated by Covanta, began operations in 1983, and is in need of upgrades to its aging fire protection infrastructure. To ensure the systems can continue to protect this important facility, which can process up to 3,150 tons of solid waste per day and generate up to 75 megawatts of clean electricity, MJW is undertaking a major fire protection system rebuild. The project was developed by Covanta following an extensive inspection of the decades-old fire protection system by MJW’s experienced ITM crews, where MJW worked closely with Covanta to identify issues with the facility’s infrastructure and suggest solutions.

The scope of work includes replacement of all underground fire mains with high-strength HDPE piping, replacement of 5-bay cooling tower sprinkler system utilizing high-durability stainless steel piping, and replacement of multiple sprinkler systems throughout the facility, involving MJW’s fire protection design, fabrication and installation teams, as well as the structural and mechanical fabrication and installation teams.

The work is requiring close coordination with facility operations. While a shut-down window will enable replacement of the cooling tower piping, all other work is being conducted while the plant is operating. MJW work crews have an excellent safety record in industrial environments and are experienced in coordinating construction activities with operational priorities.

 Covanta Project

The project is slated for completion in March 2018.