Flame Trench Piping Construction Contract at Kennedy Space Center // October 2015

J. P. Donovan Construction of Rockledge, Florida has awarded MJW Consolidated a contract to provide and install a large bore piping system and refurbish the flame trench at NASA’s Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This launch pad will be utilized in future launches of NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) rockets, enabling astronauts to travel deeper into the solar system.  NASA is currently working on the Orion spacecraft, which will be the first SLS rocket to use the launch pad.

The project was estimated and bid by Audie Bailey and is being executed by MJW’s Kennedy Space Center team. It includes installation of hydraulic cylinders with related tubing and brackets, extension of 42” - 72” Ignition Over Pressure (IOP) piping and installation of deflector crest spray header and nozzles.  Once completed, the launch pad structure and systems will deflect SLS exhaust away from the vehicle while protecting the launch pad structures so that they may continue to be utilized for future launches. 

KSC_flame _trench _piping

 The scope of work on this contract will support Kennedy’s Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program. Building on five decades of launch and processing excellence, GSDO is transforming Kennedy into a multi-user spaceport capable of accommodating a wide array of government and commercial space activities.

Marathon Petroleum MCC Upgrade – Charlotte East Terminal // September 2015

MJW has recently been awarded the Electrical Service Upgrade project for Marathon Petroleum in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The project’s goal is to consolidate multiple electrical services that currently feed the terminal into a single 5K Volt 2,000 amp service, requiring extensive electrical, civil and structural scopes.

The civil and structural scopes of work include trenching and encasement of the new primary service conduit into a concrete duct bank, fabrication and installation of 96 new conduit and cable tray supports and their foundations, providing foundations for the new MCC Building, Transformer and Switchgear and setting those in place.

The electrical scope of the work includes installation of over 1/4 mile of 6” primary service underground conduit into the new MCC Building, over 1 mile of new cable trays and conduits, and  90,000 feet of new wiring from the MCC to the existing sub panels, motors, controllers, and other users throughout the terminal. In addition to the power, we are also installing all new Network and PLC systems which include fiber-optic wiring and remote I/Os.

Working multiple craft crews in an active oil terminal requires extensive coordination between MJW and Marathon Petroleum. Upon successful completion, this complex electrical project will add to MJW’s showcase of self-performed, full service, one-stop-shop contracts our clients have come to expect.  It is our mission to continuously deliver maximum value to our clients.

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