An innovative MJW Consolidated solution to a potentially serious problem is helping an Albany International Corp. facility in St. Stephen, S.C., strengthen its fire suppression system.

The solution involves installing a new fire pump and reconfiguring the plant’s fire water supply to assure the system’s ability to deliver sufficient water volume and pressure to a fire.

 Planning for the project began after MJW installed a new low expansion foam system at the plant and discovered that the existing fire pump, located in a pit next to a concrete water retention pond, was in poor condition and incapable of maintaining the required pressure.

MJW project manager James Marks proposed relocating a new pump to the top of the existing pit, then converting the pit into a sump fed from the retention pond. In addition to boosting water pressure, the solution would help prolong the life of the new equipment.

Scheduled for completion in December 2018, the project calls for demolition and removal of all existing equipment inside the pit, then sealing the pit and cutting a hole in the retention pond wall to allow water to fill the new sump. A new valve house and vertical turbine diesel fire pump will be installed at the top of the pit. Water will be drawn from the newly converted sump and tie into the existing underground  fire loop.

In addition to designing the solution and installing all system components, MJW will perform concrete work and equipment placement.