At MJW Consolidated, we maximize control over all aspects of a project to ensure the work is performed according to the highest standards of excellence for safety, quality and schedule fulfillment. This comprehensive approach, along with our time-tested process for estimating, engineering and performance on each job, is the basis of our international reputation for excellence.

Safety is the anchor of our existence as a successful construction company that operates daily in some of the most challenging industrial environments. It begins with a Management Team that is 100% committed to the safety of our personnel and all those around us. We don’t emphasize production and safety separately. We emphasize safe production.

Our in-house team of safety professionals implements, evaluates and upgrades our policies, holding regularly scheduled training sessions to assure that our workforce maintains current OSHA, MSHA and all other required task or client-specific certifications.

At the production level, we have an active behavior-based safety (BBS) program - a volunteer, craft-only program whose participants are trained to provide frequent “no name, no blame” observations of their coworker’s safety performance. All observations are collected monthly to generate a trend report that highlights the unsafe behaviors throughout the company. Trend reports are used to address any immediate shortcomings and to continuously improve our safety policies and procedures

Our current safety stats are EMR 0.56, RIR 0.66 and DART 0.33

Manufacturing Operations

We do everything possible to allow your plant operations to proceed without delay or down time. More


Our comprehensive quality-control plan starts the moment we're called in on a job. We analyze every facet of your project, then develop a plan and schedule to deliver exactly what we promise, when we have promised it. More


In this business, more than any other, time is money. Through the use of our automated project management system, we maintain production schedules for all work activities and communicate this information to all involved. More


Price is always critical, but value is the ultimate measure of a successful project. More