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Licenses By State


Engineering Firm - #CA-4125-E
Fire Alarm Permit - #A-0263
Sprinkler System Permit - #3700
Unlimited General Contractor - 12257, 49585


Alarm System Contractor I - #EF20000963, #EF20001327, #EF20001349
Contractor I - #23436300012003, #23436500012003, #14469800012009
Electrical Contractor - #EC13004499
Engineering Firm - #27304
Fire Equipment Dealer - #FED16-000003
General Contractor #CGC-1507981, CGC-1519679
Mechanical Contractor # CMC-1249619, #CMC-1250657
Plumbing Contractor #CFC-1429941
Roofing #CCC-1329711


Alarm System Low Voltage Contractor - LVA004547, LVA206093
Certificate of Competency - CC000517, CC000726, CC000657
Engineered Fire Suppression Systems/Portable Fire Extinguisher #2359B
Engineering Firm PEF05945
Fire Protection Contractor - CL000179
FP System Designer License - DL000118, DL000324, DL000120, DL000387
General Contractor #GCC0005674


Fire Sprinkler Contractor License - FSC 0203
Professional Engineer – 062.063989


Certificate of Competency - F-038N
Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor License - M-020S


Certificate of Firm Registration - F 1184
Contractor - 59191, 64948
Engineering Firm - 5374
Fire Alarm – E10299
Fire Sprinkler Designer & Inspector - E 6870, E18376
Fixed Fire Suppression - E17073


Sprinkler Contractor, Class I and IIIc - MSC-360


Certificate of Responsibility - Building Construction - 21128-MC
Certificate of Responsibility - Electrical Work, Fire Sprinkler Work, Installation of Construction Specialties, Furn., Equip., Machinery or Engines - 17811-MC
Engineering Firm – E-2725

North Carolina

Engineering Firm –  D-0322
Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor - 29123
General Contractor #25957
Unlimited Electrical Contractor #31153-U


Automatic Sprinkler Designer – ID #2891
Fire Protection Contractor - 53 89 1648
Fire Alarm/Special Hazard System Designer - #5489


Alarm/Locksmith/Fire Sprinkler #AC440523

South Carolina

Engineering Firm- Reg. #4385
Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor - FSC 1210M
General Contractor #G 10776 Group #3 Unlimited
Mechanical Contractor Electrical - #M109036 


Alarm Contracting Company 00001728
BC-C Unlimited Contractor 11706
Engineering Firm – ID #6891
Fire Protection Sprinkler System - Contractor - #258 / #340


Engineering Firm – F-15373
Fire Alarm Certificate of Reg.- ACR-1756696
Fire Alarm Planning Supt. - APS-1756695, APS-1993354, APS-2067930
Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Reg. - General - SCR-G-1651205 / RME-G-1651222


Class A Contractors License - 2705 124773A, 2701-027056A
Engineering Firm – 0407006059

West Virginia

Sprinkler & Fire Protection Contractor - WV047223

PE Certificate of Authorization- C05887-00


Licenses By Capability

License Type


General Contractor

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

Fire Protection / Fire Suppression / Alarm System / FP System Design

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia

Electrical Contractor

Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina

Engineering Firm

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Fire Equipment Dealer


Mechanical Contractor

Florida, Iowa, South Carolina

Plumbing Contractor


Roofing Contractor