Marathon Petroleum - VCS Improvement Project // April 2016

Marathon Petroleum extended another opportunity to MJW Consolidated construction team to showcase our diversity, flexibility and capability to perform multi-craft scopes with 100% in-house staff, by awarding us the Jacksonville Terminal VCS Improvement project. This predominantly electrical system upgrade project includes new 480 volt 500 Amp feeder from the existing automatic transfer switch to the new, pre-fabricated building, containing the motor control centers, transformers, variable frequency drives, distribution and control panels.  The new VCS will include five new motors controlled by variable frequency drives and three new motors controlled by full voltage non-reversing motor starters.  Two vapor control cabinets, supplied by the owner, will be installed by MJW and will include a new fiber optic network that will interface with the existing network.  The project has over one mile of galvanized rigid conduit ranging from 3/4” to 4” and five miles of copper cabling.

The project begins in April and will be completed in August 2016. The project has a complex phasing schedule due to the requirements of maintaining the existing VCS in an operational state until the construction of the new VRU, VCU and bladder tank system is complete and operational.  The work will be performed by multiple disciplines within MJW Consolidated and coordinated carefully with our client, our suppliers, our manufacturers, the EPA and the City of Jacksonville.

MJW Consolidated Completes Delta Airlines TOC 2 Fire Protection Upgrade Project // March 2016

MJW Consolidated has completed major fire protection upgrades and modifications to a Delta Airlines facility in Atlanta Georgia. Delta’s TOC 2 facility is roughly a 220,000 square foot aircraft hangar comprised of 5 operating bays and ancillary support areas. MJW upgraded the facility by replacing valves, fire detection system, and controls of the 24 existing fire protection systems protecting the aircraft service area. 


The mechanical work involved modification of piping systems to accommodate installation of new deluge valves and related trim with greater system control capabilities.

The fire alarm and detection work required extensive modifications of the releasing system, including installation and programming of a new Det-Tronics EQP Panel, installation of new triple spectrum infra-red flame detectors, relocation of the existing linear heat control panel, and installation of new manual releasing and abort stations.

The new Det-Tronics EQP served as the back bone for an independent multi-zone release system for the entire hanger. The EQP monitors 360 points including multiple points for control valves, flow switches, foam pumps and low system air pressure.

The new triple spectrum infra-red detectors are arranged in a dual release configuration that adds to the system stability and reduces the likelihood of false trips. The system is equipped with dead-man type abort stations uniquely configured for each hangar bay.


Delta Airlines has expressed that they are extremely pleased with the project and commended MJW for its capabilities and professionalism during this entire complex, high profile project with a compressed schedule. Thanks to all involved for a job well done!