Northrup Grumman Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence // August 2014

We are pleased to announce The Austin Company has awarded MJW Consolidated the fire protection and fire alarm contracts for Northrup Grumman’s Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence in St. Augustine, Florida. This project is a fast-paced design-build contract that includes several ESFR (EARLY SUPPRESSION FAST RESPONSE) sprinkler systems in the high bay area and a variety of standard and special application sprinkler systems in the surrounding service and support areas. The project also includes complete design and installation of the fire alarm system for the new building, including its integration into the facility Fireworks system.

Once completed, we will have installed over 8 miles of fire protection piping and 4 miles of fire alarm wiring, leaving the owner with a fully protected state of the art facility. 

Port Canaveral Pile Fabrication // July 2014

The fabrication division of MJW Consolidated is fabricating a total of 151 piles for the new cruise ship berth at Port Canaveral FL. The project is being executed in cooperation with Pop's Painting,  MJW's special coatings partner.  Each 95 foot long pile weighing 45,700 pounds is fabricated by welding together two 60” diameter, 3/4” wall spiral wound pipes that are spun using the custom fitted rotators that assist the welders in applying the high strength weld seam.  Each pile is also fitted with two 75 foot long sheet-pile connector bars that are seal welded to its sides.   

At job completion, our crew will have handled 6.9 million pounds of steel and applied 69,000 feet of welds- approximately 50 times the height of the Empire State Building.