U.S. Navy Exchange Gets Upgrade with MJW Help // April 2018

MJW Consolidated is serving the consumer needs of the large U.S. Navy community in Jacksonville, FL area by assisting in the renovation of the Mayport Main Navy Exchange (NEX).

MJW has contracted with Vetfed-Pacifictech JV-1, a joint venture Pacific Tech Construction and Vetfed, to provide mechanical and plumbing construction services, as well as interior remodeling work, as part of an extensive renovation of the 28,000-foot store in Atlantic Beach, FL. The work, which began in October 2017, is taking place in four phases, with completion scheduled for August 2018.

Serving thousands of Navy families at Naval Station Mayport, the store provides a wide range of consumer goods and services. MJW’s scope of work is focused on upgrading and relocating a variety of systems, including refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, a vacuum system, and restroom and food service plumbing.

The project has demanded close coordination with multiple contractors on site, as well as compliance with base security protocols. MJW has a strong relationship with Pacific Tech, having partnered successfully with the firm on several previous military base projects.


Kinder Morgan Taps MJW for Specialized Saltwater Fire Pump Services // March 2018

MJW Consolidated is assisting Kinder Morgan, one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America, with specialty engineering, procurement and commissioning services for a saltwater vertical turbine fire pump at the Kinder Morgan Products Terminal in Galena Park, Texas.

MJW will supply engineering drawings along with specifications for procurement of the saltwater-grade vertical turbine pump constructed of corrosion-resistant alloys, which will replace an existing pump damaged by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. MJW will also provide commissioning after the equipment has been placed and connected.

The turbine pump will draw water from the Houston Ship Channel, which requires that special engineering consideration be given to water levels and other factors of the maritime environment. MJW has an established relationship with Kinder Morgan for providing this type of specialized engineering expertise and procurement service.